ALTO D.A Version 1.08 - Specifications

Types of supported vehicles
  Tractors : 4 x 2 - 6 x 2 - 6 x 4 - 8 x 4 - 8 x 6      
  Semi loaders: flat deck, low and extra-low deck, dolly integrated or not      
  Loaders : max two tractors and two pushers, loaders with two axles groups max      
  Next versions : 10 x 5, boggies      
Types of permits applications
  France categories 2 and 3, all types, new, mod and renew      
  Belgium all types      
  Next versions : other countries      
  Vehicules data      
  All data needed for your permits applications with graphical help when encoding      
  Externals documents can be stored per vehicle (internals or to be added in permits applications)      
  Vehicles are stored by categories, this help you making selection for new permits      
  Permits Applications      
  Quick selection of vehicles by cat. or sub-categories      
  Position of the load automatically calculated (can be manually modified)      
  View of each vehicles with weight and other by axles (including categories of permits for France)      
  Permanents permits : automatic calculation of maximal load and best position for each vehicle      
  Routes : link with contacts data help you follow consultations or other if needed (require FOLLOW option)      
  Documents permits applications: generated FULL in PDF format, ready to be printed (saved)      
  Repartition schemes for each type of vehicles (including axles for Belgium)      
  Generated documents are officials forms (CERFA for France, SPF Mobility for Belgium)      
Optionnals Modules      

Sign : all documents are automatically signed

  Routes management : search by criterias, follow of uses and validations      

Follow : consultations, prorogations etc.

  Next versions : map datas to help you manage your routes      
  [dernière mise à jour 01.07.2008]