Frequently asked questions ... and answers

About our company
  We develop software from around 15 years. Usually specific to customer needs or restreint to a business domain like Alto.      
  Software maintenance is important for customer satisfaction and we are able to act all around european's countries in brief delay.      
  We have 12 years experience in heavy load transport about permits and organisation, it was a success, Alto take      
  advantage of those years...      
Is ALTO really friendly to use ?
  Yes about creation of a new permit application : simply put minimals data about your application; select between your vehicles      
  ; ask Alto to find the best position for load and let it generate your permits application.      
  "Yes also but ... " the first step before using Alto is about technicals data of your vehicles, prefer someone with a good      
  technical knowledge. All your next jobs 'll be done over these data and minimal mistakes is expected.      
What really do ALTO ? Is it just an helpful form filler or more ?      

Near all the job ! When your vehicles data are encoded in Alto, a new permit application means minimal informations

  about load, selection of combination of your vehicles for this transport. Lets Alto calculate position of load on each combination.      

Generate one or more permit applications following country legislation. If regional authorities are concerned, Alto automatically

  generate additional forms.      
All documents are generated in PDF format, do we need Adobe licence for using ALTO ?      
  No. ALTO creates Adobe PDF files with his own ressources, no need to buy anithing else.      
  Free Adobe Acrobat Reader lets you preview and print Alto documents.      
Could we modify permits applications generated by ALTO ?      
  No. ALTO generates documents in a read only manner. They are processed from your vehicles data and right calculated.      
  An application made by Alto means rights data about vehicles, load; right calculation and rights forms filled with those data.      
  The best way your permits come back quickly and your transport made efficiently.      
Is ALTO updated following law changes on a regular base ?      
  Yes. We try to react very quickly about regulations changes. By example, last French Cerfa form      
  was included in only 20 days. For all ALTO countries, your can be confident about documents.      
What type of PC do we need to run ALTO ?      
  Classical desktop Windows PC .      
  The best configuration would be a recent PC under Windows 32 or 64bits and 1 Gb RAM.      
  ALTO uses an USB keylock, then it needs an open USB port. We can supply USB Hub if needed.      
What are next evolutions about d'ALTO ?      
  ALTO is updated as regulations change in concerned countries, without any delay. On a yearly base, we update Alto      
  with needs encoutered by our customer. This is about updates but we are still adding new functionnalities like :      
  routes gestion with mapdata integration, new countries for permits applications and so.      
Is ALTO multilingual ?      
  Yes ! ALTO speaks English,Dutch and French. German, itilian and spanish will be added soon. Please note that support is only avalaible in french and english.      
  [dernière mise à jour 05.2012]